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ALDA Skopje

ALDA Skopje – is local branch office of ALDA, the European organization working in the field of local governance and citizen’s participation. ALDA’s activities are dedicated to establish and develop cooperation between local authorities and the Civil Society Organizations, decentralization and support in the process of integration of North Macedonia in the EU. ALDA Skopje has been implementing local, regional and international project for over 7 years now. 


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The Association of Finance Officers of the Local Government and Public Enterprises

The Association of Finance Officers of the Local Government and Public Enterprises (AFO) was officially recognized by the North Macedonian authorities as a non-governmental, professional association in November 1997. AFO was established to:

· Enhance the professionalism of municipal finance officers throughout North Macedonia;

· Provide a forum for disseminating information for resolving and sharing commonly faced problems and issues; and

· Serve as a representative who promotes the interests of the local governments regarding fiscal and budgetary issues to the central government.

The Association is comprised of nearly three hundred (300) finance officers from the municipalities and the public enterprises of over 2/3 of the municipalities in North Macedonia. The primary goal is to create an organization that will represent all municipalities in the country. Toward this aim, the Executive Board has appointed twenty-four (24) regional coordinators, who work to promote the AFO’s activities and recruit more members.

European Movement in the Republic of Macedonia

The European Movement in the Republic of Macedonia (EMRM) is a part of the International European Movement (EMI), established in 1948 as a frame-organization of hundreds and thousands of national, regional and local bodies, of numerous political, civic and non-governmental organizations. With 42 National Councils and 27 associated Member Organizations EMI has played a crucial role in the construction of Europe. From its founding in 1991, the European movement in the Republic of North Macedonia has continuously acted upon the affirmation of the EU integration processes in the Republic of North Macedonia as well as towards creating conditions for accelerating the integration process of the Republic of North Macedonia towards the EU.

ALDA – The European Association for Local Democracy

ALDA – The European Association for Local Democracy, is dedicated to the promotion of good governance and citizen participation at the local level. ALDA focuses on activities facilitating cooperation between local authorities and civil society.

ALDA was established in 1999 at the initiative of the Council of Europe to coordinate and support the network of Local Democracy Agencies, which are self-sustainable, locally registered NGOs acting as promoters of good governance and local self-government. Today, ALDA is today a key stakeholder in the field of local democracy, active citizenship, and cooperation between local authorities and civil society.

ALDA is a membership based organization gathering more than 250 members (including local authorities, associations of local authorities, and civil society organizations) coming from more than 40 countries. ALDA is funded through membership fees, as well as and project funding from the European Commission, the Council of Europe, and other public and private donors.


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